Portabilitynon-portable (GHC extensions)
Safe HaskellNone



This module provides an AWS compliant V2 Header request signer. It is based heavily on boto, specifically boto's HmacAuthV1Handler AWS capable signer. AWS documentation is available here.

Notice: Limitations include an inability to sign with a security token and inability to overwrite the Date header with an expiry.



newSigner :: RequestHeaders -> ByteString -> ByteString -> QueryString -> ByteString Source #

Construct a full header signer following the V2 Header scheme

toSignerQueryBS :: QueryString -> ByteString Source #

The following function mostly follows the toBS in amazonka QueryString except for single QValue or single QPair keys not being suffixed with an equals.

constructSigningHeader :: Header -> ByteString Source #

Construct a header string for signing

constructSigningQuery :: QueryString -> QueryString Source #

Constructs a query string for signing